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What can I say? Asked if their fafafels were suitable for vegans... They were rude and abusive - told me I might as well die as how could my life possibly be worth living as a vegan - laughed it off as much as possible asking do they want my business as maybe it's really not the best way to go about it (would've left but nowhere open on way home). Interrogated me as to my reasons and very negative and misogynist comments about women (always moaning apparently - and here I am moaning about them to prove their point!). Left with my takeaway with an already very bad taste in my mouth - backed up I have to say with the food; unlovingly prepared and badly cooked. In a word disgusting. Avoid, avoid, avoid - especially if you are a woman and/or a vegan - strange way to go about attracting business. I wish I'd gone hungry - feel violated by their nasty concoction and bad manners.

M Morris, 29 Nov 2015

me and my granddaughter went to "Pizza Plus" after a day of xmas shopping, she wanted some chips so went in and within minutes i was accused of being a "bloody pedo bro" leaving angered and embarrassed my gd later told me the chips were uncooked

Norman Heist, 31 Dec 2015

Just rated coz other reviews are gold.

Samuel Batt, 13 Aug 2016

Daniel Warren, 27 Sep 2016

Pizza Plus has delightfully cheap pizza and the staff are very friendly. The pizza isn't the best you can get but if you're feeling hungry and lazy, you can't really go wrong with it.

Isaac Penn, 16 Jan 2017


J J, 05 Feb 2017

Just Reviews-Dear customer the food agency could come any time were not worried.And someone has gave you the wrong information about avoiding tax.We pay VAT and tax for every year.And the tax office can come and check any time.I think your just trying to mess about your not even probably our customer.

Pizza Plus, 08 Feb 2017

Best Pizzas in Brighton

Ahmet Yumusak, 02 May 2017

Meg Hughes, 03 May 2017

Josh Lawes, 15 May 2017

Yakoub Shamoon, 16 Jun 2017

Absolutely best in brighton

Shahin Shahdi, 20 Sep 2017

Shane Hans, 02 Nov 2017

Food never came. Extremely rude on the phone after finally answering after numerous calls claiming they came to my address and called which they never did.

John Staples, 20 Apr 2018

Never received my food. Definitely avoid this place as seen similar reviews. The man who picked up the phone was also very rude to me on the phone, swore at me when I told him nobody came to deliver. Disgusting.

Daniel Madders, 20 Apr 2018

Its an amazing pizza and very quality food excellent customer service, you won't regret order it now !!!!!

Sonu Sonu, 01 Aug 2018


Mark Palmer, 12 Aug 2018

Food not delivered and extremely rude on the phone. Terrible customer service!

Tyler Gillespie, 19 Aug 2018

Mark Heslop, 01 Sep 2018

food was delivered extremely late. 2 hours late to be exact. i was left starving and also lost my appetite.

Oma, 05 Nov 2018

Oli Dance, 13 Nov 2018

It’s very delicious food and bang on buy one get one free delivery on time and excellent customer service best food in town. It was one best experience in Brighton. Thank You very much guys for the best ever service

Husen Haitov, 15 Nov 2018

I ordered a small portion of ribs, slice of cheese cake and two bottles of coke. Considering all they had to do was warm up the ribs and it took over 1hr! And the take away is 1mile away well that's just ridiculous! The driver wouldn't come to my door (I live on the second floor) it's was gone 1am in the morning so I was in my nighty so had to get dressed put a coat and shoes on sky. Just useless. Oh and the ribs were hard and nasty won't be ordering again and I advise other people to stay well clear

Sarah Babybluecheeks, 21 Nov 2018

Alex George, 23 Dec 2018

Ben Harris, 27 Dec 2018

We ordered food from this place hoping for at least a decent midnight snack based on the price we paid. We were thoroughly disappointed when our food did not arrive. When we called up we were greeted by very hostile behaviour from someone who called themselves the manager, who I hope for the sake of this establishment is not the actual manger, as all he did was said the delivery ? guy rang the bell and knocked on the door, which if he had we would’ve heard as our living room was next to the door. After we notified him, after waiting an hour for our food after the expected delivery time, the person we contacted through the ‘help line’ informed us that the delivery person had contacted us by mobile at which we swiftly let him know there were no such records on the mobile which was in question. We quickly let them know of this information as to which they swiftly hung up the phone and refused to answer any more phone calls, not only to this number, but other numbers as well, due to the fact they knew no matter what they said, they would not be able to come up with any way to excuse the events that had gone on during not only this, but other events as well.

Patrick Mcclements, 20 Apr 2019